November 2

Why you should be celebrating Christmas NOW!


Here is why you should start celebrating Christmas NOW!

It’s the 2nd of November and that familiar feeling is setting in… The nights are longer and the days are colder, frost is accumulating on ones’ window screen, and… oh by golly it’s nearly Christmas!
While some of these feelings may be familiar, it’s clear that what’s going on in the world is far from familiar.

If you had spent the last 12 months in a coma waking only now you would be pretty surprised about the circumstances that we currently find ourselves in. Who’d have thought that this would become the new normal and the things we previously took for granted would become so priceless…

It’s all well and good running round being pollyannaish but sometimes when you’re in a low/ depressed state or facing challenging circumstances it doesn’t matter how many times Tony Robbins tells you “HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE” sometimes you just feel like **** and **** you must feel. (But only for now)

But think back to Christmas in a time gone by when you really felt the MAGIC, that might be last year or it may be when ten years old you excitedly opened your action man on Christmas morning.

You don’t necessarily remember in detail right… But you do remember how it felt? The Christmas spirit is real…
At Christmas, for just a few weeks, everyone vibrates with a different energy, we are more mellow, tolerant, full of food and joy…

Collectivity that creates the “spirit” we all know and love.
We need that joy more than ever right now so I’m saying, turn the Christmas music up, put those decorations up and spread some of that joy.
Ever met someone and just been drawn to their energy? They give up this crazy energy that is contagious… you can’t explain why but being in their presence is amazing… Well the same thing happens at Christmas.

Addressing your happiness in life is always going to be a much more important issue than “should I do sprints or low-intensity steady state” or “protein before or after my workout” and this is why helping you to find joy in your life built into my programme… If you feel happier in yourself the results with your health and fitness just follow but we have to get our priorities right.

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