April 23

When Will You Start Looking after Yourself?


“I’ll start looking after myself when…”​
I hear it every single day and I have had enough of the excuses! ​
Here is how it goes: ​
“I’ll start looking after myself”:​
When work is less busy​
When the pandemic is over​
When I get my finances in order​
When things are no longer “up in the air” ​
When X project is done​
When it’s hotter​
When it’s colder​
When I feel like it ​
But really: ​
You’re never going to “feel ready”​
The perfect time is a myth ​
Everything is only “up in the air” because you’re telling yourself it is​
The only way you can make progress is by being brave and stepping into the unknown​
Everyone around you doesn’t have “everything figured out” fitness-wise​
At first, it’s going to be scary, then it’s going to be uncomfortable but then I promise you, commit to my programme 100% and you will become unstoppable. ​
If you want finally stop to dipping your toe into the world of fitness and health and are ready to go all-in, make some big changes in your life ​ send me a message via the form below.
Speak soon Tomm.

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