November 25



There are many reasons for us to spring into action… ​

Maybe it was a family member saying you “had your winter coat on”​

Maybe it was a glimpse of yourself that you caught in the mirror ​

Or maybe it was those new clothes that you had to buy… again… ​

When we were cavemen and women, rambling around munching on berries and grass we lived our very basic life pretty much in fight or flight…​

A tiger is coming… RUN​

There is a strange noise… RUN ​

The caveman from the other tribe is trying to kill me… RUN ​

But that doesn’t mean we have to live like this now… That sheer panic we feel when we know we have let ourselves go just a little bit too much should not set us to flight.​

The fact is running/cardio alone are a very ineffective way of burning fat and achieving a long term result.​

We have to break the cycle…. ​

Does any of this sound familiar?👇 ​

You’re not happy with your body so you decide to make a change…​

You do every form of cardio known to man in order to “BURN ​ MORE CALORIES” lol…​

You do this for a few days/weeks at a push but deep down you know it’s not sustainable. If you’re being truly honest you know ​ It’s only a matter of time before you give up…​

​ You’re exhausted, your body aches to the core and worst of all… You see no results for all your effort. ​

So we look our love handles up and down and say to ourselves “I’ll just have to live like this” ​

Right up until the point where yet again it all gets too much and so we repeat the cycle over and over again, deleting our previous experience and just telling yourself: ​

“I need to try harder, I’m just not motivated enough”​

But actually..​

It’s not your fault.​

You don’t have a system and you don’t have structure….​

You need to stop thinking that hard work and “motivation” lol again… Is going to solve this.​

Ready to stop the desperate running and finally break the cycle?

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