November 4

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice going Vegan…​


When I was thinking about going vegan I sought advice and inspiration from people all over the world, be that by following on social media, youtube videos or blogs. ​

But even with all the information that was out there, I was still petrified that I would somehow become deficient in one nutrient or another… ​

I seriously thought that if I didn’t walk around with a calculator adding up every last macro I was going to run into some serious problems.​

I was petrified that I would lose the small amount of muscle mass I had managed to accumulate and so I safeguarded my efforts by dutifully carrying around tins of chickpeas to consume on the hoof.​

I’ll never forget throwing bland, uncooked chickpeas into my mouth at 10 pm while away for the weekend ‘’just to keep my protein up’’. ​

But I had a point to prove, I was going to make this work and not only maintain my current physique and health but IMPROVE-IT… ​

And things went well… as time went by and I learned more and more about plant-based fitness and nutrition… Slowly ​ I put away my calculator ​ and snacks of bland and cold chickpeas fresh from the can.​

I started to relax and harness this lifestyle to help me make efforts in my health and fitness. ​

But then all of a sudden it seemed like all of those faces that had helped me come to veganism slowly started to exit stage right… ​

People who I had trusted and respected were now turning their backs on veganism. ​

The reasons were varied and creative and so…​

I pushed these doubts to the back of my mind…​

“These people were only really ever in it for the exposure”… I told myself​

“After all this is just their experience, it’s not evidence!”​

Now just to be clear…​

I did not go vegan for health reasons​

I went vegan because of ethical concerns so for me there will never be any going back…​

But still ​ In the back of my mind that pneumatic drill ​ of doubt continued to weigh on and on… ​

What if this isn’t the healthiest way to live… What if you’re wrong… WHAT IF IF WHAT IF WHAT IF ​

As humans, we are all susceptible to the dreaded group think… ​

This can be as innocent as agreeing with something In a group setting that you know doesn’t truly align…​

Or as deadly as causing wars and destruction. ​

So I wanted to put some thought into what these ‘ex-vegans’ were saying rather than just following the hearsay and palming them off as attention-seeking influencers.​

The human body is a complex thing and these people all had their individual struggles and pain that THEY were living through. ​

We know that we can get all the nutrients we need from a well planned plant-based diet but obviously, the human body being the complex thing it is, sometimes we experience problems along the way.​

In my view, any lifestyle choice is like a relationship… It starts amazing, you’re buzzing, ​ you have that honeymoon phase and your body is filled with all the happy chemicals and hormones… and then life happens and eventually problems arise.​

You can now choose to address the problems and seek help or you can blame the lifestyle and give up.​

There is no denying how healthy plant-based living is but like love, long-term change is a choice, it takes work and commitment but if your reason or your why is strong enough, you will always find a way.

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