November 25

In 2018/19 there were 876 thousand hospital admissions where obesity was recorded as the primary or a secondary diagnosis. ​


Have you ever been to a Tony Robbins seminar and had the most amazing experience…​

The seminar changed your life! You can’t believe the life you used to live… You now live life ​ with such clarity… You’re inspired and nothing is going to stop you…​


You get home and you realize the gas and elec company have put their prices up again and then Boris or Trump says something to upset you, before you know it you’re fuming again and back to your old self… ​

I kind of feel like this is the same as the clapping for the NHS during the lockdown.​

It was great in the moment, we get caught up in the atmosphere and community, we chat to neighbors we knew nothing about, ​ we felt so strong together, we showed how much we appreciated the NHS and how willing we are to help… ​

Then we stopped ​ clapping and went back inside to open another packet of cigarettes, another bottle of wine or another pack of snickers… ​

Now don’t get me wrong, my sister is a paramedic, I wanted to show my appreciation ​ and I loved clapping for the NHS … And before you come at me with ‘ohhhhhh we are allowed a treat, it’s good for community bla bla bla bla’ I know… Yes, we are human and we all enjoy a treat. BUT​

We really need to wake up and smell the coffee with oat milk… We can’t ignore the above statistic… How many people are in the hospital right now because they didn’t look after themself? ​

How many people died in the last year that would still be alive if they made different decisions day after day… ​

I’m not saying it’s easy… The food manufacturers manipulate food to keep us coming back for more often it feels like we are fighting a losing battle. ​

As Mel Robbins says “we don’t wake up one day and achieve to destroy our life, its small decisions each and every day.” slowly slowly… It kills us..​

Yes! The government needs to do more, how is the public supposed to understand how they can eat healthy when we got the big guns telling us to cut out fat and ‘eat more protein’.​

How can the working class afford to spend money on fresh produce when ‘smashed avocado’ is more expensive than 7 packets of biscuits…​

We need a culture change!​

But we can’t wait for the government to save us… ​

We need to take things back to basics… More plants, less crap, less disease less illness..​

I’m determined during my time on earth to change this culture of processed crap food at every turn starting with my Planted10 Promise helping the world to go plant-based. So if I could take you through simple steps that would allow you to finally stick to what you said you wanted to achieve, increase your food and still have a social life would you be interested in hearing more? ​

P.s Thank you to my sister Natasha for doing an amazing job every day❤️​


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