April 14

Do You Ever Feel Naughty?


It’s Friday and your weight watchers meeting isn’t until Wednesday… That means if you time it juuuuuust right you can get away with a certain level of “naughtiness” before you step on the scales on Wednesday and drop that few all-important few lbs… ​
Because that’s the most important thing right? 🤷‍♂️
As long as you see the scale drop, you’re good! Amazing! On track! ​
So you wear lighter clothing… ​ empty your pockets… ​ Chop off your arm for all they care…​
As long as that scale drops you’re happy right? ​
Sometimes ​ we want to rebel, break the rules BE NAUGHTY​
For this reason I don’t give my clients rules or “to do lists” and try to limit the use of the scale as a measure of progress. ​
I ask them why they feel they’re “being naughty” in the first place. ​
This isn’t school and I’m not here to carry you up the mountain, tell you what to do and when to do it… ​
I am here to ask you the right questions to help you change your perspective around why you feel you need to “be naughty” ​ and help you to develop a healthier relationship with health that isn’t centered around deprivation and punishment with the regular episodes of “naughtiness”.​
If you want to talk less about calories, squats and cardio and more about the real reason you’re not getting results, send me a DM and let’s have a chat.

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