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Meet Nichola from Harrogate!

Discover how Nichola went From:

❌Feeling tired and fed up
❌Anxious about food
❌Struggling with her weight


✅ Feeling energised all day every day
✅ More at ease with herself and others
✅ Enjoying food but still keeping the weight off

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Why I created this programme.

I have always been passionate about training and exercise...

But for years I was frustrated with the lack of results I had to show for all my dedication...

Before I invested in my own coach I followed advice from every YouTube video, trainer, Tom, Dick, and Harry...

I worked hard but was never consistent with one plan and I had no idea what I was doing with Plant-Based nutrition...

It wasn't until I was accountable to one coach and one plan that I started to see results...(See below)

I wasted so much time faffing with Plant-Based foods and ingredients plus exercise plans that were not helping me get to where I wanted to be... 

From here I quit my job, followed my passion, qualified as a fitness coach and achieved my dream Plant-Based Physique while becoming the healthiest version of myself.

Suddenly more and more people were contacting me for help and coaching. They were...

1) Meat eaters wanting to transition to Plant-based nutrition...

2) Vegans wanting to optimize their fitness and get in shape...

That's why I've put together all I have learned from my own failures and working with hundreds of clients to bring you my PLANTED10 PROGRAMME…

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