November 25

Before I became a coach I was a carer…​​


Being a good carer is not something that you can teach… Yes you can teach someone to go ​ through the ‘motions’: ​ make the beds… give the medication… support with the breakfast etc etc etc ​

But a true carer.. Actually cares… Funny that 🤔​

I looked after Gary (pictured) for many years and while physically he couldn’t do much… What he taught me about life was more valuable than any business coach, mentorship or qualification could ever teach me.​

In some people’s books, Gary didn’t have much… But in Gary’s book he was richer than the richest man in babylon…​

You see Gary appreciated the small things in life… ​

He was filled with joy weeks before going on holiday and weeks after living on the fond memories. ​

When you spent time with Gary he was truly present, he gave you his full attention and appreciated you for who you are, not the balance of your bank account or how ‘successful’ you are. ​

A new watch or wallet would be enough to put him on a week-long high and he always lived in the moment… ​

Caring is not something that you just ‘switch off’ and has helped me to become the coach I am today.​

I actually genuinely give a crap about my clients, their life, and making sure they get to where they want to be.​

That might seem obvious…In the same way that if you book a flight (Ryanair aside) ​ you kind of expect hold baggage to be included? 🤷‍♂️​

The minimum you should expect from your coach is that they actually care right? ​

Truth is I’ve been coached in my own fitness and business by coaches that don’t give a crap…​

Weekly check-in via WhatsApp and off you go… ​

Deep down we can see it a mile off right? ​

Yes they might pretend to care, they might ‘go through the motions’ but we know ​ they are motivated only adding Dolla💰 to their bank account and interested in you only when your transformation will provide good social proof for their business.​

Anyone else experienced this?​

So while sadly Gary is no longer with us, what he taught me and everyone who knew him lives on…​

Compassion and Empathy… ​

Sometimes we can come so far in our ​ journey that we forget what it feels like to be petrified at the start…But let me tell you I know what it’s like to look at your calendar and see booking after booking and think to yourself “how the hell am I going to fit in my workout today?”​

I remember what it’s like to walk through the doors in the GYM when you feel like everyone is looking at you because you don’t know what you are doing … ​ ​

I appreciate how scary it is to ask for support when your confidence is on the floor, you hate your body and you don’t really believe you can make a change… ​

We all have our struggles in life, we’re all busy, we’re all suffering in some way, but we have to remember we are in this together, stop living in the past, and start changing our lives. ​

So when you’re looking for a coach before you check how many clients they have got shredded, how many inches they have on their biceps or weather they are REPS registered < Lol 😂 ​

Just ask yourself if they actually give a crap…?

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