November 25

Acting like a “Big Kid” with your health?


When I was a child I watched this programme called Big Kid. In the programme the parents of two kids periodically had spells where they act like children. The kids would try to keep the parents out of trouble until the spell passed..​

This lead to some crazy shenanigans that for someone have stayed lodged in my brain until this very day…​

The programme was very strange and I always remember thinking “what would happen if this were true” ​

I think sometimes as adults when we are out of shape and we know we need to do something about our lifestyle a kind of spell does come over us and we start to think and act like kids… ​

We seem to lose all logic and wisdom that comes with our more senior years. ​

I mean in the back of our minds we know that Slimfast/ restrictive dieting is a stupid idea that will never work… Yet we keep returning to it… ​

We acknowledge that we are prone to repeating our life on a cycle but again we continue to repeat the same pattern over and over again…​


Because we are in pain…​

When we are in pain we just want to get out of it…​

So we make bad choices…​

This is not a question of intelligence! ​

I’ve been there myself and I speak to doctors, directors, business people who all act the same way!​

It’s not your fault… You’ve been sold a lie when really you should have been shown a system. A system that doesn’t promise the world and set you up for short term wins, but, is a slower longer process that actually gets results…​

I’m not interested in helping clients with six-week shreds, I’m interested in changing lives.

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