Are you worried that you're slowly becoming more and more  out of shape and unfit?

overwhelmed by information and  don't know how to use this lifestyle to get results?

I used to be exactly where you are and this is why I created my 4-week  programme

Getting started with your health and fitness can feel overwhelming and scary... you can spend a lot of time focusing on the wrong things and ultimately delay the results you want so badly.

By following a tried and tested fully supported plan lead by experts who have helped countless people just like you get results is going to be the game changer you were looking for...

After observing the consequences of sedentary living and unhealthy living claim the health of my family, I was inspired to achieve my own fitness transformation, qualify as a coach and take matters into my own hands to help as many people as possible rediscover their health and fitness.

I have achieved this by creating my "Livewell " system which makes the over-complicated simple again and focuses on helping my clients to get to where THEY want to be with their health and fitness. 


So if you're reading this and thinking... This all sounds great but I'm sceptical... Why should I listen to this guy?

I hear you and completely understand. I am always naturally sceptical with things like this so I thought it might be a good idea to put together 5 reasons why I feel you should listen to me when it comes to your health and fitness.


I care about you and your results

One thing I can guarantee is that if you ask anyone who knows me, client, friend or family member... they will all tell you the same thing

I care...

There are plenty of coaches out there that will happily take your money, push you into a systemised programme where you follow copy and pasted diet plans and paint by numbers programmes. When you join our community your goals are shared and you are no longer working on your own.


I am a coach not a lecturer

Achieving results is not about me barking orders at you while you dutifully obey. We will work together to find solutions to your problems by looking at things in great details and deciding on appropriate steps.

Coaching is not about me always giving you the answers but by asking the right questions and spotting potential blind spots together we can make rapid progress. 


I help you avoid silly mistakes

I have learnt the hard way so you don't have to. I will help you to avoid making easily avoidable mistakes that will allow you to achieve success faster with less resistance. 


I spent my life eating, breathing, and sleeping health and fitness

I live for helping people to improve their health and fitness, so much so that I love nothing more than unwinding with a little bit of research. I do this all day every day and have done for years, in the same way as if you wanted someone to build your house, yes you could spend years learning how to build a house, or you could choose to hire someone who does it every day and knows what they are doing.


I never give up on anyone

No matter how much confidence you have or haven't got right now, I believe in you. I have worked with enough clients to know that my system works and no matter what happens, I will never stop believing in you.

Winning Formula

Boosting your chance of success: By following our tried and tested system you will avoid the common pitfalls and get results easier and quicker.

We cut out the confusion by providing expert guidance and support cutting through the confusion and misinformation present in the fitness industry.  

How many times have you paid for a GYM membership and either let it run without attending or dutifully attended but had no results to show for it?  This programme will save you money by cutting down the time it takes for you to get results but also providing you with a wealth of education.

Client Results

If you are serious about wanting to get fitter and lose a clothes size...

If you are serious about wanting to get fitter and lose a clothes size, Planted Fitness will do it for you.

Tomm, is passionate, knowledgeable and serious, wanting to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, with a well thought out programme.
The sessions are well planned and seamless ensuring all abilities can take part By the end of the programme not only will you be a clothes size smaller, but you have gained a huge amount of knowledge. I would highly recommend this programme.

So far I have dropped 11kg

Before joining the programme I was feeling unfit and frustrated with my fitness.
For years I had attended the GYM but never saw consistent results. I have dropped over 11kg in the programme , I feel more energised and my golf swing has significantly improved.

Before we started we were overweight, heading for old age, unfit with health issues

Before joining the programme it was clear that we needed to to take action on our health and fitness but we unsure how we would fit this around our work commitments.
We now have a clear plan on how to reach our goal with great support and regular reviews to ensure we are on track. The nutrition support has helped us to understand the benefits of a Plant-Based lifestyle. Not only do we have a clear view of the food we eat but we enjoy the lifestyle and feel healthier for it. Terry and I have lost a significant amount of weight and we have dropped jeans/ dress sizes.

Start today by booking your free consultation call to discuss and plan how you can achieve your goals