November 25

2 reasons you aren’t able to do what you say you will do


“That’s it!”😡​

You say​

“No more! From next week I am going to get consistent with my exercise, my nutrition, and I’m going to get some results!”​

But then… ​ ​

❌ You don’t do any exercise…​
❌ You don’t eat well …​
❌ And by the end of the week, you’re right back where you started…​


👎 It’s not because you’re lazy…​
👎 It’s not because you don’t possess the genetics…​
👎 And it’s not because of your environment… ​

Here are the real reasons 👇​

✅ You’re afraid of failure so you self sabotage​
✅ Your goal doesn’t fit your ‘identity” ​

For example: ​

Throughout education, I struggled with my dyslexia​

But before you pull out the little violins🎻… ​ I say this not for sympathy but just to make a point… ​

I realized later in life that my dyslexia formed my ‘identity’ ​

My default was just to put in more and more work to overcome my struggles … ​

But when something did go wrong, be that a mistake, a failed exam or whatever, I’d hold out my hand and say… Look… I told you 😡 now there’s the proof… I’m stupid! 🤷‍♂️​

I believed that talent and natural abilities were what got people to places of success and so despite my hard work, I never truly believed I could change and so I didn’t. I stayed stuck… ​

Could you be telling yourself a similar story? ​

You’re so afraid of failure so you inadvertently self-sabotage, deep down you don’t really believe you can achieve what you set out to…​

How often do you fail and then use this as proof to continue to stick to your narrative… ​

“I’m just not a GYM person”​
“Just gotta learn to love what I got” ​

If you’ve been through multiple yo-yos in the last few years then the last thing you need is yet another Slimfast diet…​

You have to ask some bigger questions…​

You can’t meditate your way to your dream body, obviously work and repetition is involved… ​ But asking yourself these questions and then having someone hold you accountable to you actually doing what you said you will do is how you’re going to break this life long plateau and actually get some results. ​

So ask yourself, how much longer are you content to stay as you are?


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