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Feel better about yourself

Live a more fulfilled life by becoming healthier, losing weight and toning up. When we live in a body we love we have the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. Our relationships improve, our mental health improves and our energy improves.  


Often we know what to do but for whatever reason can't seem to do it!
The best strategy in the world is useless if you can't do it consistently.  We will guide you every step of the way and  hold you accountable  to develop habits and routines so you can cut out the confusion and focus on achieving long term results.

Surprise yourself

"I've tried everything"

Is something I hear every single day when speaking to potential/new clients. We keep things simple and work up from there helping you to change your relationship with food and  fitness so that you can end the fads, surprise yourself and discover how to transform and maintain your heath for the long-term

Your Pathway To Success


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Start today by booking your free consultation call to discuss and plan how you can achieve your goals

Client Results

If you are serious about wanting to get fitter and lose a clothes size...

If you are serious about wanting to get fitter and lose a clothes size, Planted Fitness will do it for you.

Tomm, is passionate, knowledgeable and serious, wanting to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, with a well thought out programme.
The sessions are well planned and seamless ensuring all abilities can take part By the end of the programme not only will you be a clothes size smaller, but you have gained a huge amount of knowledge. I would highly recommend this programme.

So far I have dropped 11kg

Before joining the programme I was feeling unfit and frustrated with my fitness.
For years I had attended the GYM but never saw consistent results. I have dropped over 11kg in the programme , I feel more energised and my golf swing has significantly improved.

Before we started we were overweight, heading for old age, unfit with health issues

Before joining the programme it was clear that we needed to to take action on our health and fitness but we unsure how we would fit this around our work commitments.
We now have a clear plan on how to reach our goal with great support and regular reviews to ensure we are on track. The nutrition support has helped us to understand the benefits of a Plant-Based lifestyle. Not only do we have a clear view of the food we eat but we enjoy the lifestyle and feel healthier for it. Terry and I have lost a significant amount of weight and we have dropped jeans/ dress sizes.
  • There is a famous saying. “How you do one thing is how you do everything”. I personally have always felt that this saying is complete nonsense.
  • My clients are successful in their careers, leaders in their field, dedicated focused individuals.  But before joining my programme their health was a mess. 

    They put themselves bottom of the pile,  and felt guilty whenever they “took some time for them”, struggled to fit health and fitness into their busy lifestyle, tried everything but nothing worked.

  • My programme simplifies what it takes to become healthier, have more energy, tone up and drop fat, saving you time, energy and frustration.

Timeline  for success 

Below are the key steps to achieve success 

  • Step 1: get started 
  • Deciding to make a change can be scary. Starting will set you up for a cascade of success with your health and fitness. My 4-week Live well Programme  will equip you with all the tools you need to takes strides towards the healthy you.
  • Step 2: prime your mindset 
  • Discover how to prime your mindset for long term success. Learn  how to motivate yourself and bust habits so you can start to feel better and have more energy within a very short time.
  • step 3: choose your nutrition protocols 
  • Everyone works differently and  for this reason we don’t push you don’t any particular approach  and offer 3 fully tailored nutrition advice  protocols for you to select based on your personality type. Our protocols help you to turn your body into a fat burning machine and focus on what matters.
  • Step 4: Laser focus your execution:
  • You’re busy, you’ve got responsibilities. I get it. So you want a workout that you know will get you results right? Our programming works with you where you’re at so you have everything you need to get results with the minimal time possible.

Start today by booking your free consultation call to discuss and plan how you can achieve your goals